Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekend Celebrations.

I aplogize for the lack of posts this week. I have been over my head with school, work, etc. I barely have time to sit down and even open the computer, much less write a blog post. I hope you all are having a fabby week so far! My birthday is next Monday, yay! I have so many fun things planned for the weekend! I am also excited about being out for Labor Day! Friday night, I am going to dinner with several friends at a wonderful Sushi place in Downtown Memphis. I.LOVE.SUSHI...end of story. I could  eat it everyday, all get the picture ;) Saturday night, Mr. S is taking me to a wonderful Steak House in Memphis called Folk's Folly. We have never been there, so I'm quite excited! Monday, we are cooking out for mine and my brother's birthday! I have some wonderful dishes prepared, so I will update you all on those next week! I'm sure next week I will need to detox, because I know I will be eating and drinking my weight! haha! Have I told you what I'm MOST excited about? BIRTHDAY CAKE! Yes, I love.birthdaycake.okay.i' hope you all are doing wonderful, having a great week, and staying healthy! Love you all!

p.s. OH! I also have this movie to watch sometime over the weekend! My brother brought it over the other day and I have not had a chance to watch it! I'm too excited. I have read ALLLLL of her books!

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