Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That....

This is a really random post, but I've got so much to talk about, I feel like I should put it all in one post! ha! That's probably not a good idea, so I will save some of it for later, but here's a few of my wants, favorite foods, etc. in the past couple of weeks :) Enjoy!

1. I absoutely love this Longchamp Darshan Travel Bag. It would be great for this Spring and Summer, because S and I plan on spending a lot of our weekends at the lake this summer. Also, I have several trips to the beach planned this spring, summer, and fall. I would love this as a tote bag for the airplane, beach bag, or over night bag.
Longchamp Darshan Travel Bag

2.  I need a great Spring and Summer perfume, because for one, I am completely out of my Spring/Summer scent, and I want something new! :)
Burberry Brit for Women

3. I love, love, love bright colored handbags for the Spring and Summer. I also like BIG handbags, because I carry my entire life in it, so I always make sure I buy something that I can carry all my "necessary" items in :) I spend countless hours on the Tory Burch website, and ran across this BEAUTIFUL green Satchel bag. I will definitely be adding this to my list of wants and "needs" for Spring and Summer.

Tory Burch Robinson Satchel

4. I am a big, big, believer in hats, sunblock, etc. I always make sure I have sunblock and a big hat on when I am at the beach, pool, or lake, because I DO NOT WANT TO BURN! I have been on the look out for big hats and found the perfect one on Vineyard Vines.

Vineyard Vines Floppy Hat with Grommets

5. I always love the Spring and Summer, because I see so many BEAUTIFUL wedding dresses! I love a lot of the Spring collections and cannot wait to see them on friends, family, etc. Who knows...Maybe one day I will get to wear one! ;) hehe....

How random, huh???? :)

God Bless,
Delta Daisies

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