Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 26: Picture of Your Family

Day 26: A Picture of Your Family.....
 My family means more to me than anything in this world. I am a very family-oriented type of person. My bestfriend is my twin brother and first cousin, my Mom's sisters are my second Mom's, and my Grandmother rocks. I could have not asked for a more supportive, loving family. The Lord definitely blessed me! My family is Italian, my Mom is part Italian, and of  course, I'm a quarter. We are very loyal to our heritage and love talking about it. A weekend with my family would include: dinner at some Mexican place, hanging out at my Grandmother's with a game of Scrabble, bottles of wine, chips and dip, and lots and lots of laughs. What are some things you do with your family? Do you have a big or small family?? :)

God Bless,
Delta Daisies

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