Monday, November 29, 2010

Day Nine: Something that You're Afraid Of

Day Nine: Something that You are Afraid Of

I have always been a "chicken" or "wuss" as my boyfriend and parents like to call it, because I am scared of just about everything. I hate bugs, rats, the dark, and the list goes on and on....As a little girl,  I have always been afraid of heights, but I have always wanted to overcome that fear so, I did! I am not nearrrrrrr as afraid of heights as I used to be. I actually like getting on rides, climbing Sam's deer stand, flying, etc. One thing that I have never been able to get over is drowning. Drowning is my WORST fear in the entire world! I have always been scared that I would get sucked under the pool, lake, or ocean and not be able to come back up...( ha..i am a bit of a freak and paranoid human being.) So, I guess I can say...the BIGGEST fear of mine is drowning...I cringe at the thought of it! :(

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