Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day Eight: A Place You Have Traveled To

When I first read "Day 8" I was excited, because traveling is SO important to me! I have been a TON of places, and have so many more on my list to visit! I have traveled to: Florida, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Califronia, Colorado, Mexico, the Carolinas, Virginia, and the list goes on! ha! I went to Las Vegas this past Feb with S for his birthday and we had a WONDERFUL time! We stayed at the Bellagio and LOVED it! If we ever go back to LV, I will never stay anywhere else! We saw "O," Blue Man Group, and did LOTS of shopping! The dining was fabulous, but veryyyyyy expensive! I also visited the spa in our hotel, which was also amazing. I took lots of pictures from the trip:

At Caesar's Place after we arrived in LV.

There was a Tiffany's in the Bellagio ;)

our amazing hotel!

our view from Yellow tail in the Bellagio. It was a Water Show!

We ate at "Top of the World" our last night. It was a 360 degree
room that overlooked the entire city of LV. It was amazing.

our view from our room! :)

Have a great day!! It is ALMOST Thanksgiving! :)

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