Monday, May 17, 2010

Toyota Highlander

I was at Fresh Market earlier this afternoon and parked next to a Limited Toyota Highlander. I was beyond impressed with the body style, and how far they have come over the years. They are now the size of a 4-Runner, but are very sporty! I have never been a fan of Toyota vehicles, but this SUV will definitely be kept into consideration when I graduate from college and go car shopping!! :) The "bells & whistles" will obviously have to be included, but I looked up the price of a "loaded" Highlander, and once again, impressed....They are very reasonable, but even better, GREAT GAS MILEAGE!! If you are currently car hunting, I HIGHLY suggest you to check out the Toyota Highlander! Here's a few pictures of the new body style:





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MPF said...

I own a Toyota Highlander, and it's amazing! The perfect size and very durable.