Sunday, May 16, 2010

Necklace addiction..

I love necklaces! I often catch myself planning my outfits around my jewelry. When I got home this evening; I browsed the internet for items on my wish list..I'm looking for several chunky pieces to add to my summer collection. I love a bulky necklace with a simple cotton dress. Target has come out with several cute pieces the past few months, but I'm sick of seeing their jewelry all over town. Everyone has the EXACT same stuff, especially if you live in Memphis and shop at the Colonial one. (ha!) I decided to hop over to Ann Taylor Loft's website, and to my surprise...WOW! They have a ton of cute pieces that are affordable & pretty! You can never have too much jewelry, so I strongly suggest you to take a peek at their line! I was HIGHLY impressed! S and I are running errands tomorrow, so I will be hitting up the LOFT while we are out and about! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! BBQ Fest had a solid turnout here in Memphis, but I must say.. I'm honestly ready for Memphis in May weekends to END! Downtown has been a mad house for the past three weeks, and when you spend the majority of your time down there it gets old...QUICK! I'm sick of all the traffic and closed off roads..:(

What are some of your favorite lines when shopping for jewelry??


Sassy In The South said...

I will have to check out ATL very soon.

Geri Beth said...

Hey love!
Was going to comment on your TOMS post, but didn't see the comment link :(

I was the exact same way about TOMS - just could not figure out the hype for the life of me. Then, one day in Mason's I caved and tried on a pair. My, oh my. The minute I put them on I instantly understood - they feel like heaven!

Try a pair on and I know you'll fall in love :)


Ellen said...

All you need to do is take one look here. It's accessory heaven.